Buying a Kilim Rug

kilim rugs

Buying a kilim rug can be a great choice for a variety of reasons. They are beautiful and practical, and the traditional design has many benefits. The first thing to keep in mind is that kilim rugs are delicate, so you will want to be careful when cleaning them. While you can use a carpet shampoo or mild soap to clean them, a vinegar and water solution is more gentle and will not damage the delicate wool fibers.

You Can Purchase One In A Neutral Color For A Neutral Look

Wool is the primary material used to make kilims. This is the material of choice for both the warps and wefts. Cotton is typically the primary weft, but some kilims use other materials. Cotton is also a popular choice for kilims, and is used mostly for these. Cotton is known to keep its shape and be finely spun. This type of fiber makes it a wonderful choice for kilims, but be careful when choosing a rug because it will exaggerate other colors.

A multi-color kilim rug will warm up any room and can help mask floor imperfections. You can purchase one in a neutral color for a neutral look. This type of rug will also blend well with accent rugs and can be a focal point. It will become the most important piece of furniture in your room and provide much-needed relief for your eyes. A kilim rug will bring a touch of tradition into your room while staying on trend.

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