Best Tactical Backpacks By Amazon

Buying a new backpack can be an exciting but overwhelming task especially if you’re new to backpacking. There is much more to know and understand about backpacking before you go and buy your first tactical backpack. So what is most important when choosing a new backpack? Weight: Tactical backpack’s are usually heavier than normal backpacks simply due to the weight they offer, for the weight that they carry, they are usually made from more durable materials. This can make a significant difference in how well you can pack for an outing, it can also make a difference in how much comfort you have while hiking or climbing.

Tactical Backpacks: What A Mistake!

Comfort: It can be hard sometimes to decide on the comfort of a backpack, Amazon has a few different options and most of them fall into the mid-range to heavy duty range. One of their most popular line of tactical backpacks is called the Sierra Designs Diamondback 150 Degree Pack. This pack has a heavy duty design with a comfortable padded back which is shock absorbent and has a breathable nylon lining. The Amazon DGR kit has similar features but it’s more geared toward hikers and not mountaineers.

Another option is the Black Dragonfly Daypack by Sierra Designs, this pack is great for both day hiking and mountaineering. The Sierra Designs Diamondback 150 Degree Pack has all the same features as the Diamondback but is made for day hiking. A big advantage of these types of packs is the large main compartment (mainly used for items like maps, cell phones, water, and other small stuff) and two side pouches which can be used for storing gear. The zippered mesh pockets on the other hand are ideal for storing wet rain gear.