Drug Addiction and the Impact of Uncontrolled Pain

Nashville Addiction Clinic, formerly called Vanderbilt Alcoholism Treatment Center is an inpatient, drug-free treatment center, specializing primarily in drug assisted therapy (DAT). At Nashville Addiction Clinic patients and their families are referred to a single, judgmental, dedicated addiction specialist, who will oversee the entire treatment process. This clinic is affiliated with several other health care facilities, which enables it to offer convenient treatment to both inpatient and outpatient patients. In addition, the staffs of the Nashville Addiction Clinic are made up of highly trained individuals, whose combined efforts to address the unique needs of each patient.

Drug Addiction and the Impact of Uncontrolled Pain

Many people suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol may sometimes be referred to an inpatient treatment program at a local hospital or a nursing care unit. However, many people with substance abuse problems do not feel comfortable with hospitals and prefer to stay at home. The Nashville Addiction Clinic has made a conscious effort to follow the ethical standards set forth by the Tennessee Department of Health. This clinic does not use pharmaceuticals to treat addiction; instead, doctors prescribe and administer medications such as Suboxone to patients suffering from substance abuse problems. Suboxone is an addictive narcotic painkiller that is prescribed to alleviate severe pain and is also used to treat anxiety and depression.

The goal of the Nashville addiction clinic is to provide its patients with customized treatment plans, focusing on their substance abuse problem along with all the risk factors that come along with it. Each patient is provided with individualized services and comprehensive personalized treatment plans, so that he or she can gain complete recovery from his or her addiction to drugs or alcohol. The Nashville addiction clinic works closely with various other health care facilities, including physicians, nurses, therapists and social workers, to ensure that patients receive comprehensive care and assistance in preventing future drug or alcohol addictions. The primary goals of treatment offered at the Nashville addiction clinic are to intervene at the early warning signs of abuse, improve coping skills and empower the sufferer to make informed decisions. The long term goals of the Nashville addiction clinic are to ensure that patients can commit to lifelong recovery and participate in self-care activities such as exercise, diet and nutrition, while being provided with resources and support to help them stop drug or alcohol use.

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