Make Your Own Confetti Cartons to Display at Your Next Gender Reveal Party

confetti cannons

Gender reveal parties are currently the most popular trend right now. It is fun to dress up for these parties as everyone expects to see the bride to be. However, no one really knows what to do once the party starts. Guests will need something to help decorate for the party so that everything is not only perfect for the bride but also for the rest of the guests to enjoy at the party as well.

Why Ignoring Confetti Cannons Will Cost You Time And Sales

No longer do the gender reveal parties have to be boring. You can throw them with flair. Just like the name implies, all of the confetti cannon will shoot out colorful little pieces of confetti so that everything will look fabulous. Just like the name suggests, the confetti cannons come in all different colors but are biodegradable so you can just leave them where they are. They are very easy to use, simply hold them in one hand and blow into the other with the other.

If you decide to purchase the items needed to make your own confetti cannons, there are a few things to consider. When purchasing the cartridges, you will need to buy some powder which you can either make or you can purchase from a local craft store. When making your own powder, you will want to purchase a medium density fiber (MDF) material. You can then measure how much you need to purchase. After you purchase your MDF material, you will then need to get the compressed nitrogen for the blasting process which you can find at any department store that sells tools and supplies.

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