Should I Buy A New Roof?

Should You Buy Our Roofing in Charlotte NC?

What to do when we need to buy our roofing in Charlotte NC can be a long and complicated process contact us today, but it is also very important for the long term stability of your home. With the recent severe weather that we have had, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and heavy rainfall, the damage that is caused to homes and businesses has increased dramatically. Due to the damage, we have more than ever before required to hire a professional, and expensive, company to take care of our roof repair and other roof problems. We are now faced with the problem of whether or not the costs of roof repair and other roof related issues will continue to increase.

buy our roofing Charlotte NC


Unfortunately, many of the roof repair companies that are starting to pop up these days are not licensed to do business in North Carolina. Although we would like to believe that the state of North Carolina requires its contractors to be licensed and performed legally acceptable work, that is not always the case. The fact is that many unscrupulous “roofers” are not licensed at all and they are not following the code requirements that are in place to protect the consumer from injury and property damage due to roof repair and related issues. When a roofer does not follow the code requirement and puts his or her customer at risk by not being properly insured, then the business is no longer covered under the provisions of the law, and the consumer is left holding the bag.


So, when we are faced with the decision of whether or not to hire a roof repair company, we must look beyond that and ask ourselves if the cost to replace the roof will be worth the risk to our property. Will the potential damages and injuries that may occur from a faulty roof actually outweigh the savings that may be achieved from hiring a licensed, bonded roof repair company? Most definitely, and we would encourage any North Carolina homeowner to seek qualified professional advice from a roof repair expert when it comes time to replace or repair their own roof. Just keep in mind; never take any chances!

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