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window cleaning

Window cleaning, also known as window washing, is usually the exterior cleaning of windows used for light, structural, or decorative purposes. It may be performed manually, with instruments for window cleaning and entrance, or with sophisticated technology for easier access and cleaning. It is an important aspect of building maintenance and window cleaning services are often required during routine inspections. However, not all buildings need this service and it may be difficult to maintain the window cleaning on some buildings like multi-story buildings where window cleaning is sometimes impossible.


Window cleaning using squeegees or mechanical pads is one popular technique. Using a squeegee or mechanical pad squeegees the window, removing debris that will cause dirt and stains, allowing the inside to be cleaned. These squeegees are made from rubber, plastic or metal, and the inside has channels where the squeegees are attached to. As the squeegee passes over the window, it pushes the pad into the channels, removing the dirt and grime that are stuck on the window surface. In comparison, metal squeegees may scrape off window panes because of their metal heads and long handles. For those who want to save time and effort in cleaning the windows, they can choose manual window cleaning method.


There are other window cleaners such as ones that use hot water, pressure washers, and specialized chemical cleaners to clean the windows. Using chemicals that cleaners can tolerate, and can minimize damage on the windows. As there are many types of chemicals that cleaners can use, it is important to consider which chemicals can be safely used on windows and what effect it will have on your windows. While some chemicals are non-toxic, some can easily damage the fabric of the window and cause it to become faded and discolored. To minimize this possibility, the window cleaners should have the necessary permit to use these chemicals.

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